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Community Health Partners for Sustainability holds a National Cooperative Agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration to provide training and technical assistance to Public Housing Primary Care grantees and other safety net health care providers. Community Health Partners for Sustainability hosts webinars, conferences, and provides one-to-one assistance remotely and through site visits to providers across the country to help ensure care for all residents of public housing. To learn more about Community Health Partners for Sustainability and access their services, visit www.chpfs.org or contact Program Director, Alex Lehr O’Connell, at alex@chpfs.org or 215-731- 7141.

The Friends of the Congressional Glaucoma Caucus Foundation (FCGCF), 501(c) (3), conducts “FREE” Glaucoma screenings throughout the country at health fairs, inside churches, institutions of varying types and utilizing our mobile units during the warmer months. Winter months, we work inside and only need a table or two near an electrical outlet with 5-6 chairs. The Foundation team will come to you to support the current administration’s comprehensive health care reform initiative and its focus on preventive care and early detection. Our glaucoma screenings consists of a visual acuity exam, visual field test, intraocular pressure (Non-Contact) and a fundus exam by the physician which includes a retinal photo, when on the mobile unit, using the (Non-mydriatic) camera.

The National Institutes for Training designs, develops and delivers training solutions to federal, state and local government agencies and to not-for-profit and community based organizations. The National Institutes for Training provides the highest quality products and services by establishing partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to support our clients as they grow and develop their most critical resource; their personnel. As we develop and implement our training programs, we are guided by a clear vision of the adult learning principles underlying effective training development and delivery. We apply these adult learning principles as we go through our comprehensive process of designing each and every course, ensuring that each participant maximizes their full potential, while reducing the cost of training to the organization.

North American Management’s Housing and Community Revitalization Group focuses on improving the  effectiveness of federal, state and local public and assisted housing programs through expert research, technical assistance, management tools and strategic planning. Our solutions and products allow clients to improve and enhance the quality of life for our nation’s communities in a cost-effective manner and increase PHA operational efficiencies in the areas of: public housing management and operations, housing choice voucher program, public housing training, real estate management and much more. Visit our booth and take our management self-assessment quiz, talk with our professionals.

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