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American Heart Month

American Heart Month

  Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women[1] .  The term “heart disease” refers to many types of heart conditions, such as high blood pressure and stroke[2]. People, especially older adults, with heart disease are more likely to have difficulties with activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, walking, and getting into and out of bed[3].  Heart disease affects racial and ethnic minorities and low-income individuals the most[4] (OMH). The risk of heart disease increases with age:

  • 27% of older adults aged 65-74 have heart disease5
  • 36% of older adults aged 75+ have heart disease 5,

Although whites are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, Blacks are more likely to die from heart disease 3.  In 2008, about 25% of all deaths were caused by heart disease among African Americans1.  Low-income older adults are more likely to have high blood pressure and/or stroke[1]. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of heart disease.  Here are some steps toward preventing heart disease2:

American Heart Month List
Heart disease can be prevented and controlled.  For more on simple steps to take every day for better heart health, visit the full page of tips.

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