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Outreach and Enrollment

Outreach education toolkit by CMS:

Overview:   The  Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear and Effective is a useful resource for health literacy from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  As shown below, this 11-part Toolkit provides a detailed and comprehensive set of tools to help you make written material in printed formats easier for people to read, understand, and use.

  • Toolkit Part 1:   About this Toolkit and how it can help you
  • Toolkit Part 2:   Using a reader-centered approach to develop and test written material
  • Toolkit Part 3:   Summary List of the “Toolkit Guidelines for Writing and Design”
  • Toolkit Part 4:   Understanding and using the “Toolkit Guidelines for Writing”
  • Toolkit Part 5:   Understanding and using the “Toolkit Guidelines for Graphic Design”
  • Toolkit Part 6:   How to collect and use feedback from readers
  • Toolkit Part 7:   Using readability formulas: A cautionary note
  • Toolkit Part 8:   Will your written material be on a website?
  • Toolkit Part 9:   Things to know if your written material is for older adults
  • Toolkit Part 10: “Before and after” example: Using this Toolkit’s guidelines to revise a brochure
  • Toolkit Part 11: Understanding and using the “Toolkit Guidelines for Culturally Appropriate Translation”



HIV/AIDS Outreach resources:

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has information for people who have Medicare and also have HIV/AIDS. Starting January 1, 2006, Medicare prescription drug coverage became available to everyone with Medicare. If you have both Medicaid and Medicare, then Medicare will help pay for your prescription drugs. You may qualify for extra help paying for your Medicare prescription drug costs. All Medicare drug plans will cover all antiretroviral medications. The publication “Your Guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage” provides more information for people with Medicare and HIV/AIDS. The Related Links below provide information on general HIV/AIDS resources.


Social Security for People Living with HIV/AIDS:

If you have HIV/AIDS and cannot work, you may qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Your disability must be expected to last at least a year or end in death, and must be serious enough to prevent you from doing substantial gainful work. The amount of earnings we consider substantial and gainful changes each year. For the current figure, refer to the annual Update (Publication No. 05-10003). http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10019.html