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Tips for Successful Implementation

Tips for successful Implementation

  • Rely On Those In The Know: Make use of the expertise of trainers who specialize in EHRs
  • Scheduling: Set clear goals and specific milestones to reach by a certain date
  • Set Clear Goals: Must be clearly set to make sure your practice has the right tools and technology
  • Listen To Your Staff: They are the ones who are impacted most by EHR implementation, listen to them
  • Don’t Try To Do This Alone
  • Appoint A Project Manager
  • Analyze and Improve Work Flows Before Implementation
  • Avoid Work Arounds
  • Become A Power User
  • Don’t Rely On Vendor For Time Sensitive Support
  • Get The Training You Need
  • Don’t Let One Individuals Limitations Hold You Back
  • Learn And Use All The Advanced Tools
  • Don’t Customize Unless You Really Really Have Too
  • Practice All Your Workflows With Dummy Patients First
  • Plan and Practice Downtime Procedures
  • Don’t Schedule A Full Patient Load During Initial “Go Live” Period
  • Embrace The Technology

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