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Training and Technical Assistance

The National Center for Health and the Aging provides training and technical assistance to enhance the capacity of PHPC health centers and other health centers that want to provide primary care to residents of public housing, with the goal of assisting health centers in meeting program requirements, improving performance, and supporting program development and analysis. NCHATA executes four capacity-building strategies:

  • Needs Identification. NCHATA helps health centers assess their specific needs relative to creating a PHPC site, improving operations of an existing PHPC health center, or replicating a PHPC model.
  • Technical Assistance and Training. Health centers receive NCHATA technical assistance and training through telephone consultations, dissemination of information, self-help tools and materials, on-site visits, referrals to resources, and information-sharing and skills-building workshops at the annual NCHATA conference.
  • Follow Up and Support. NCHATA offers follow-up support to help health centers achieve their objectives and goals by overcoming environmental and technical challenges. Continued assistance is available via e-mail, phone calls, and, if necessary, a site visit.
  • PHPC Network. NCHATA maintains a vibrant network of PHPC grantees and other health centers. Network members receive profiles of successful practices, updates on both health issues and residents of public housing, and notices about training opportunities.

Methods – To strengthen the capacity of federally funded Public Housing primary Care (PHPC) health centers and other health center grantees, NCHATA provides training and technical assistance in a number of ways.

  • Skills-building training workshops at the annual NCHATA conference
  • Distance-learning opportunities
  • Telephone consultations
  • Self-help tools and materials
  • Site visits
  • Referrals to resources

 Topics – NCHATA technical services addresses a wide array of PHPC health center and other health center grantee needs for specialized assistance, models, training, and up-to-date information.

New and Expanded Access Points

  • Mapping population and service area
  • Initiating a relationship with the housing authority and other community agencies
  • PHPC program design and development

Developing Grant Applications

  • Documentation of needs
  • Developing health care plans
  • Developing business plans
  • Review and comment of application draft

Designing a PHPC Model

  • Developing staffing plan
  • Recruitment and retention of staff
  • Developing collaborative relationships
  • Developing the relationship with the housing authority

Corporate Strategic Planning

  • Developing needs assessments
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Formulating goals, objectives and outcomes
  • Clarifying values
  • Organizational communications
  • Developing quality improvement assurance plans
  • Developing written policies and procedures
  • Developing effective governing boards/board training and orientation

Verifying and Reporting Resident Users

  • Training front line staff
  • Accessing new populations and duplicating successful outreach strategies

Designing Health Promotion and Outreach Services

  • Developing patient health education materials
  • Implementing health promotion programs
  • NCHATA online library and resource center

Expansion of Clinical Services

  • Program planning
  • Developing a quality improvement plan
  • Developing a Chronic Care Program
  • Reengineering the patient visit to improve patient flow

Leadership and Professional Development

  • Customer-service training
  • Governance training
  • Staff training on leadership and effective communication skills
  • Peer-to-peer mentor visits for new, existing, and challenged grantees
  • Quarterly Information Bulletin (newsletter)


Consultations and Customized Assistance – The NCHATA team is available to provide hands-on consultations, customized trainings, referrals, and other solutions to help you attain your specific health center goals. Health center grantees can access complimentary inquiries and information services. Low- and moderate-intensity assistance is also free of charge. Affordable fees apply to services that entail extensive NCHATA time or travel. In delivering technical assistance and training, NCHATA collaborates with national housing organizations, federal health and housing agencies, and other stakeholders. For more information about our services or how NCHATA can assist you, please contact us.

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